17-19 May 2011 | MOSCOW - RUSSIA

The 13th International Fur and Leather exhibition LeShow was held at the Expocentr on May 18-20, 2010. LeShow welcomed 120 exhibitors from 11 countries of the world: Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina, Poland, France, Italy, China, Pakistan, Australia, and the USA. There were two country pavilions; Pakistan and China.

There are plenty of substitute shows in Russia focusing on Leather and Fur Industries. However, LeShow Moscow is the only professional exhibition on the territory of Russia for the fur-and-leather industries organized on a net area over 6500 square meters covering a wide spectrum of products and attracting professionals from a vast area of Russia. Leshow Moscow brand has become synonymous with success for 14 years in the leather and fur trade exhibition industry.

Leshow Moscow is an UFI approved event and its performance is measured independently every year. This year, the results showed that 90% of the LeShow visitors (5000 professionals in total) were composed of the purchasing specialists: the representatives of wholesalers and distributors companies, large regional chains, stores from over 200 cities of Russia and 20 countries. THEREFORE, ON THE AVERAGE, ONE PARTICIPATING COMPANY ACCOUNTS FOR 25 WHOLESALERS.

It should be noted that this year, the number of Russian participants has doubled which is an obvious indicator that the stagnation period slowly comes to an end in the Russian fur and leather industry. More and more foreign companies try themselves at LeShow platform each year and if past experience is any guide, they are more successful than any other event in Russia at finding their future partners in this gigantic market.

Leshow Moscow covers the following product groups:
Leather Garments, Fur Garments, Head Gears , Leather Goods (Bags, Shoes, Belts, etc) Skins and Hides, Tannery, Chemicals, Fashion Accessories