It's Show Time
During the trade fairs that it organizes, TÜRKEL FUARCILIK also organizes fashion shows, which are the best means of promotion, whereby the exhibitors are provided an opportunity to promote their products in a prestigious way. The benefits of fashion shows can be summarized as follows:

Exhibitors taking part in fashion shows have the opportunity to display their products on a 90 cm raised platform with professional models and a remarkable choreography, whereby the exhibitor demonstrates its distinction once more.

The names of exhibitors taking part in fashion shows are displayed on the show time boards, which are located at critical locations within the exhibition, whereby visitors are constantly exposed to these exhibitors' names and awareness is attained. During the fashion show, the exhibitor's logo is projected behind the catwalk to enhance exposure

The names, brands and logos of exhibitors taking part in the fashion show are also contained in the brochures that are handed out during the exhibition.

Moreover, the fashion show times are announced in the exhibition hall. The guests are attracted to the fashion show with the handed out brochures and announcements.

The fashion shows that Türkel Fuarcılık organize during exhibitions also attract the attention of press and media, where by larger publicity is attained to benefit the exhibitor by enhancing brand awareness.